Why Advertise With Us?

Simply because we give you the opportunity to get your message out to over 100,000 of your potential clients who live and work within your community every single month!  Your advertising is working for you 24/7.  When you choose to advertise with Mediaworks you can be confident that you have chosen the best in-store advertising that today's market has to offer.

Who Handles the Artwork?

Don't have a professional design team to create your ad?  No worries!  Mediaworks has a team of highly experienced, professional graphic artists waiting to take on your custom advertising job.  That's right, leave it up to us to design and produce your ad!

What Are You Waiting For?

All of our advertising spots are limited and category-exclusive, so act now.  With the product lineup Mediaworks has, we are sure to have just the right vehicle to promote your business. Call us today to explore different products and put together a plan catered for your business.  (952) 472-3234 or toll free at (866) 472-3234.


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